Desktop Support

Wemblley operates desktop management services capable of managing over 100 over end user devices in both metropolitan and regional areas of Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

We support computers and software used by both faculty and staff. Instead of bogging down your team with time consuming and technical desktop support, our service desk at Wemblley will take the desktop service incident management off your plate. These include moves, adds and changes.

Wemblley ends your desktop support headaches today. Our onsite and remote service support teams handle the more advanced issues keeping your IT experts more engrossed in strategic goals toward the business rather than desktop services. We use the best practice methodologies e.g. (ITIL) to engage the lowest cost of resources to resolve your desktop issues quickly and using remote desktop services where possible.

Our desktop support services team empowers the user to self-help and resolves incidents in a timely manner on the first call. Instead of crossing your fingers with the hope that nothing goes amiss when your desktop support service experts are sick or on vacation, you can count on us to provide you with non-stop availability.

We have a rich history of recognition when it comes to end to end call management. This extends to monitoring, reporting and overall ownership of requests. We provide you with completely flexible and open approach giving insightful services to the severity of issues and downtime. This striking balance increases end-user confidence and improves on the use of ICT services.